I am an amateur photographer living in Chicago. I'm a little interested in everything, from portraits to pets, from architecture to glamour, from street photography to the artsy-fartsy stuff. I've been interested in photography for many years, but I was always discouraged at the thought of having to wait to see how the pictures turned out. I tried digital some years ago, but the process at the time was cumbersome and the pictures weren't all that good. Everything changed when I got a modern small digital camera for Christmas '04. I told myself that I wouldn't buy a better camera until I'd taken 10,000 photos. By Christmas of next year my digital SLR was on order. I've been shooting photos like a madman ever since. Other places to see: My Blog: WindypunditMy MySpace PageModelsEminent Domain Threatened PropertiesEditorial ImagesArtsy-Fartsy StuffCatsGay Pride Chicago 20072006 Chicago Marathon